Documentation is maintained on GitHub as part of the project WiKi. The WiKi pages are a submodule of the VirtMus project, and are found in Docs/wiki.

The static web pages on are created by using Node.js (h5bp-docs module) to convert the wiki markdown into static HTML pages. The static pages make use of the Bootstrap framework.

The following instructions assume you already have Node.js (and npm) installed and that you're starting from the directory in which you cloned VirtMus.

Run the create-docs target to populate wiki.static with the initial contents.

cd Docs/wiki

npm install git

alias h5bp-docs=./node_modules/.bin/h5bp-docs

-docs --src . --dest ../wiki.static/ --baseurl "/" --config h5bp-config.js

After executing the commands above, the Docs/wiki.static directory should be populated with all the html files.